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Among its state-of-the art steel processing lines, Marcegaglia Ravenna plant hosts the coil pre-painting units dedicated to the organic coating of carbon steel materials according to EN 10169.
Thanks to major investments in the sector, the manufacturing capacity of Marcegaglia pre-painted coils and sheets has increased twofold. The flagship equipment is the new galva-painting line: 200 metres of installation dedicated to the processing of cold rolled low carbon and HSLA steels.
The line carries out the complete paint coating process (pretreatment, primer & top finish) performing in-line hot dip galvanization as well. Marcegaglia R&D has coded over 20 standard painting combinations involving coating on both sides of the material.

Pre-painted steel metal products are used in a vast array of applications including:

• construction industry

• household appliances

• automotive

• packaging

• industrial applications

guaranteeing versatility and prize optimization, as well as dedicated properties for each sales sector.


PDF Standard painting systems

PDF Standard colours

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