carbon steel marcegaglia

from black, pickled, cold rolled
and galvanized coils, diamond and teardrop

Marcegaglia steel metal plates, or cut-to-length sheets are manufactured through 25 lines and represent the common used steel material for several application sectors:

• construction equipment

• street furniture

• shelving systems

• household appliances

• engineering

• automotive

Thanks to its unique fabrication network and quality system, Marcegaglia’s range of carbon steel sheets is fully compliant to these markets’ requirements in terms of grades, dimensions and mechanical properties. The recently started cut-to-length lines dedicated to high yield strength steel materials represent the state-of-the-art among recent investments of the group in its service centers worldwide, including Italy, Brazil and Poland.

The fabrication process is carried out according to all main manufacturing standards: EN 10025 (CE marking available), EN 10149, EN 10111, EN 10051, EN 10139, EN 10268, EN 10130, EN 10346, EN 10343, ASTM A653.

  Carbon steel flats - headquarter - Marcegaglia

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