carbon steel marcegaglia

Oscillated wound coils

The entire Marcegaglia product range of carbon steel oscillated wound coils, divided by thickness, width, grades and manufacturing standards.

Product range
Min. thickness (mm) 1.2
Max. thickness (mm) 6
Min. width (mm) 6
Max. width (mm) 60
Manufacturing standard Product designation
EN 10139 Cold rolled uncoated mild steel narrow strip for cold forming
EN 10132-2 Case hardening steel (cold rolled narrow steel strip for heat treatment)
EN 10132-3 Steels for quenching and tempering (cold rolled narrow steel strip for heat treatment)
EN 10132-4 Spring steel and other applications (cold rolled narrow steel strip for heat treatment)
Carbon steel flats - strips - oscillated wound - coils - round-edged - Marcegaglia
Round-edged flat
made from pickled,
cold-rolled and
hot-rolled strips

Supply conditions

• Coils or bars with minimum length 3000 mm
  and maximum length 6000 mm

• Dimensional tolerances according to Marcegaglia standards

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