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PRE-PAINTED STEEL PRODUCTS Strips and sheets – Service center

Marcegaglia has set up in Ravenna Europe’s largest service center for finishing, cutting and automated packaging of strips and sheets. The facility has a yearly output of 1,1 million tons and is equipped with 7 cut-to-length machines, 10 slitters for sheets and strips up to 2,000 mm wide and from 0.29 to 16 mm thickness and 3 packaging lines. The minimum cutting width for the strips is 30 mm.

In the Gazoldo degli Ippoliti plant, Marcegaglia has also set up a service center with a slitter and a cut-to-length machine, dedicated to the prepainted products processing.  
Pre-painted steel strips
Min. thickness (mm) 0.3
Max. thickness (mm) 2
Min. width (mm) 29
Max. width (mm) 1500
Pre-painted steel sheets
Min. thickness (mm) 0.5
Max. thickness (mm) 2
Min. width (mm) 200
Max. width (mm) 1500
Length (mm) 500 ÷ 6000
Technical characteristics
Coating Polyester, modified polyester/polyurethane, polyamide, fluoro-carbon, high flexibility polyester, vinyl, high-thickness paint systems.
Treatments and finishes – Back coat 10 µm (on request) – Embossed surface (on request) only 1000÷1500 mm width – Polyethylene film protection thickness 35÷120 µm continuous or micro-perforated
  Marcegaglia, Gazoldo degli Ippoliti

pre-painted steel products division

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